ATL Advantage Studios Announces Atlanta Location Opening

ATL Advantage Studios' President is pleased to announce the dynamic marketing firm is now open for business in Atlanta, Georgia. He discussed the opportunities available with this new location and what he looks for in candidates.

​​​​Leo, ATL Advantage Studios' President, is excited about this new market. The firm's business model is product promotion through in-person events, and with continued growth of the Atlanta metro area, Leo expects to see measurable outcomes in no time.

What's perhaps most thrilling for Leo is the chance to build his new team and teach them how to become leaders themselves, setting the stage for each person who joins ATL Advantage Studios to one day launch their own offices.

Among the qualifications Leo looks for in candidates are innovation and action. He welcomes professionals who are motivated and have a mindset that will take them far in their careers, including an eagerness to always learn and grow. He describes the ideal team member as someone who is sports-minded, possesses leadership skills, and is persistent in achieving his or her goals. More, Leo seeks people whose personal values align with his vision for the company and are willing to help expand the business in the right direction.

ATL Advantage Studios' President Discusses Perks for Team Members

As Leo explained, he expects his people to work hard, but he makes sure they are rewarded for their diligence to the firm's success. Everyone starts at the entry level and undergoes extensive, and immersive, training from day one. Each person is assigned a coach for individualized guidance, which helps them rise through the ranks as they follow a career track designed for them. As team members hit milestones, they are eligible for promotions to the next level. In fact, Leo stressed that advancement is strictly based on merit, so all experts have the chance to move up the ladder if they have the right ambition and put in the work.

Professional development continues beyond the office of ATL Advantage Studios, as Leo shared that he and his team will attend national conferences, regional trainings, and other networking events where the knowledge and connection opportunities are vast. New team members can expect to earn travel rewards, including a chance for an all-expenses-paid vacation at a tropical destination.

Finally, Leo's goal is to create a supportive workplace culture, one in which everyone feels comfortable collaborating and helping each other achieve success. He has plans for team events, such as dinners out, retreats, and other fun activities in which his people can bond over laughter.

Now that the Atlanta branch is open, Leo expects big things to start fast and invites anyone who seeks a fun, fast-paced environment to join him. Visit to apply.

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